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Taste-free | Non-metallic Silverware | Eco-friendly and Reusable | Organic Flatware Cutlery Utensils

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TruFlavorWare® is actually much BETTER for your health than metal silverware!


"Simply makes food taste Better!"­­


Non-toxic • Unbreakable • Heavy as metal • Nonporous and Stain-resistant

Combats age-related taste declines!

Helps overcome pregnancy related "off-taste" issues,

• Even makes plain 'ole lettuce and vanilla ice cream taste Great!  

100% Taste-inert Tableware and Utensils  

Originally made for chemotherapy and dysgeusia sufferers, but now used

 worldwide by taste-conscious Food Aficionados (foodies) and great Chefs!

Better than Silverware!

A huge 70% majority of over 100 panelists in a major Ivy League university's taste-test study found that TruFlavorWare® flatware eating utensils significantly improved the taste of their food to the point that one individual stated that she no longer would have to quit smoking!

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Welcome to TruFlavorWare®

"Simply makes food taste Better!"

Full 4-piece sets now available for $14.95 or 2 for $19.95 and 4 sets for $29.95

Natural Almond (as seen above) is the only color that will be available until late 2020.

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*Guaranteed UNBREAKABLE in normal culinary use!


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Full 4-piece sets

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Full 4-piece sets

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